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Applications are now Open!

The Chapter of the Month Application is always due the following 10th of each month. 

Next Due Date: September 10, 2022

Please email the completed application to

Middle School Application

High School Application

2022-2023 Chapter of the Month Winners:

  • April-August: Wellsville; Honorary COTM: Linn, Louisburg, Girard, Jeff. Co. North

  • September: Louisburg; Honorary COTM: Wellsville, Republic County, Jeff. Co. North, Girard

  • October: Marysville; Honorary COTM: Pleasant Ridge, Hanover, Eudora, Girard, Wellsville, Louisburg, Jeff. Co. North

  • November: Girard; Honorary COTM: Wellsville, Jeff. Co. North, Osage City, Hanover

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